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Our latest update to Summon Auntie is on iTunes store, update your Summon Auntie today! Android also can la…



You will need to “Park” your vehicle, this allows our smart system to send out relevant alert notifications to you. Remember to unpark when you are leaving the carpark and out of the radar of the Summon Aunties.



Summon Auntie the app allows you to receive alert notifications if “Summon Aunties” are spotted within 200Metres of your parked location. You can also send alerts when you spot “Summon Aunties” making their predatory rounds. You will only receive alerts when you have “Parked” your vehicle.



You can view alert history on the Map Feature. There will be a red pin to illustrate an alert within the last hour, be wary when you see a red pin, as the Summon Aunties might still be lurking in the area. Alerts older than one hour will be illustrated as a large circle.



Remember how at times you displayed a 50cent coupon, thinking you will only be parked for less than 30minutes but didn’t realise that you ended up parking way longer? The coupon timer feature allows you to set a timer to remind you when your coupon has expired so that you can return to your car to extend it at your discretion ;)



In the latest version, we have included a Traffic feature that allows you to have a visual view of the current traffic conditions. Red roads indicate heavy traffic and green indicates clear traffic.



Send message to a number plate

We have integrated NotePlate – Our really cool messaging app just for vehicles into this iteration of Summon Auntie. This feature allows you send messages to any license plate and follow to your own or (others) for free. You know how sometimes you see a car with it’s headlights left switched on and you want to inform the owner but do not know how? NotePlate is your solution!

Well, obviously NotePlate allows you to do much more than just that, you may want to send a “friendly” reminder to the car parked next to you to be more considerate, send a “note” to the hot chick/dude, or really just give a heads up to a cool car you saw.
















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Everyday we are shuff shuff shuffling……


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